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Custom Fabric printing

Fabric printing on demand

At Contrado, we’re expert in digital fabric printing and can print your design on over 120 different fabrics. Design your own fabric online, and get your textile printed in no time. We have no minimum order, a 48hr turnaround for almost all your fabrics and we use high quality, full colour dye sublimation to print your fabric in the most vibrant, permanent colours possible.

Custom printing on over 120 different fabrics

We’re proud of the diverse selection of quality fabrics to print on. We constantly widen the range and look out for new, exciting fabrics that we can print your design on. We have a wide selection of natural fabrics, organic and eco fabrics, silk fabrics, cotton fabrics, jersey fabrics, stretch fabrics, as well as waterproof fabrics and many, many more. We have a huge variety of fabric weights, opacities, and finishes, suitable for all kinds of projects. Whether you’re looking for fabrics for clothing, upholstery, quilting, home décor, bridal wear or crafting, we’ve got you covered. The Fabric filters page will help you find the perfect fabric for your personal project.

Fast digital fabric printing

With the newest technology and advanced digital fabric printing techniques we print on fabric in high quality. Dye sublimation ensures that our eco-friendly ink fuses with your fabric permanently which makes your print resilient, long-lasting and impossible to peel-off.  

Design your own fabric

The online design interface allows you to adjust and refine your print design. Choose the right size for you, in centimetres, metres, inches or yards. Set up your own size, upload your image and create your own custom printed fabric. With the program you can also choose a different background colour, repeat your patterns in 3 different styles, rotate your image, apply a black and white or sepia filter and even add text. Create something amazing with our digital fabric printing service.

Test A5 prints on fabric and short runs

You want to test first how your design looks on a specific fabric? No problem. You can print your design on fabric as small as A5 to get an impression of how your design would look like on your chosen fabric. Different types of fabrics can have different print qualities. Some reflect the colour in a bright, crisp quality and fine details are printed perfectly. Due to their weave and structure other fabrics might soften the colour tone. If you want to make sure you’ve selected the right fabric, try a sample print with your own design, to test if it’s the right one for you.

Your own design printed on fabric

How would you like the edge?

We can give your custom printed fabric a specific finish if you want:
Get the fabric as it comes: Your fabric will be cut around the image. We will leave uneven white fabric borders, which you can trim more accurately yourself.
Hem with white/black thread: We will hem your printed fabric with a white or black hem.
Cut on the line: We will cut precisely around the image, leaving no white borders. It is important to keep in mind that we manually cut all fabric by hand, and that we cut against the grain of the fabric. This is the standard procedure, and, as such, for fabrics that have a slight wave in them, some fraying can occur. As the cut follows the grain of the fabric, you might find that your textile has a slightly uneven edge. Please be assured that this does not indicate a flaw in the fabric or the craftsmanship. It is not always possible to achieve the perfect, straight edge when cutting fabric, due to the textile's composition. If you would like to know more, or discuss this before placing your order, then please do get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to answer any queries you might have

Print your own fabric: Sizing for hem allowance and shrinkage

As we are a full fabric printing service, we can hem your custom printed fabric for you. We sew a small or two fold hem that will take up 5-20mm of your fabric depending on its thickness. For instance, if you want to print on fabric that is 1mx1m, you should allow at least 0.5cm for the hem which would make your fabric about 98.5x98.5cm after hemming. The hem will be wider the thicker the fabric is. On your light fabrics like silk, the hem will be straight on one side, the other will be slightly rippled. Adjust the dimensions of your custom fabric accordingly, if you want it hemmed.

  • Light fabrics like silks: 2 fold hem taking up 6-8mm, so the actual height/width will be minus 12-16mm
  • Medium fabrics that fray: 2 fold hem taking up 15-20mm, so the actual height/width will be minus 35-40mm
  • Heavy/stiff/no-fray fabrics: 1 fold hem taking up 15-20mm, so the actual height/width will be minus 35-40mm

Also keep the shrinkage of the fabric in mind. Depending on the weave and structure your fabrics can shrink between 2-8%. However, on average the shrinkage is 2.5%. Please keep that in mind when you define the dimensions of your custom printed fabric. 
Please be aware that for hemming your fabric´s dimensions need to be at least 30cm x 30cm.