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Custom Dress Fabric

Dress fabric is essential for creating the perfect look for your project. Dressmaking fabric comes in a varied selection of weights, constructions and styles, which you can understand more from our dress fabric online guide. 

Rated ‘Excellent’
Rated ‘Excellent’

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1-2 Days Production
1-2 Days Production

Cottons, Silks, Jerseys, Recycled Poly-fabrics & more

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Exclusive Discounts

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Speedy delivery

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Silk Satin

100% real silk. Smooth, shiny, flowing drape. Natural sheen to face, luxury handle. Clothing, scarves etc.

View all Silk Satin

Silk Sensation

Silk alternative. Solid, plain closed weave. Shiny face, matt reverse. 90gsm. Slight stretch. Nice drape. Ideal for clothing.

View all Silk Sensation

Heavy Matt Lycra

92% poly, 8% elastane. Thick stretchy power Lycra, 250gsm. Soft, smooth. Good for dresses, moulds to body & hugs figure.

View all Heavy Matt Lycra

Slinky Lycra

82% poly, 18% lycra. Medium weight, soft, 4-way stretch. 210gsm. Slinky and smooth. Fantastic for leggings, swimwear, sportswear.

View all Slinky Lycra

Lycra Sheen

85% poly, 15% elastane. Soft, shiny, flexible. Resists abrasion. Moisture wicking. Figure hugging. Swimsuits, bikinis, dresses.

View all Lycra Sheen

Silk Crepe de Chine

Dazzle in silk crepe de chine, custom printed in-house.

View all Silk Crepe de Chine

Crystal Voile Cotton Silk

For flowy and feminine dresses, our voile cotton silk is a must-try.

View all Crystal Voile Cotton Silk

Monroe Satin

Smooth satin faced twill with a slight shine and fluid drape. 160gsm. Durable, taut, good for bags, garments, accessories.

View all Monroe Satin

Velvet Fever Poly Satin

A silky, slightly textured mid-weight fabric that is the latest in fabric technology.

View all Velvet Fever Poly Satin

Soft Fashion Jersey

A body accentuating jersey which is ideal for figure hugging garments.

View all Soft Fashion Jersey

Fashion Crepe

Lightweight, soft, double-faced, stretchy. 150gsm. Distinct textured crepe handle. Bold white base. Perfect for dressmaking.

View all Fashion Crepe

Silk Twill

100% real silk. Beautiful twill weave. Lightweight, durable, strong colour and print detail. Soft with a lovely drape. 54gsm.

View all Silk Twill

Crepe de Chine

Classic crepe face, beautiful drape, lightweight, 85gsm, elegant and strong, excellent print and colour reproduction, taut.

View all Crepe de Chine

Crushed Velour

Knitted, stretchy poly based fabric. 245gsm. Soft, short plush pile, shimmery face. Vibrant colours. Dresses, clothes.

View all Crushed Velour

Lustrous Seduction Poly Satin

Lightweight and soft, with excellent drape. Print your own design onto Lustrous Seduction Poly Satin.

View all Lustrous Seduction Poly Satin

Ponte Jersey

260gsm, stretch jersey fabric. Ideal for figure hugging dresses, to accentuate natural curves.

View all Ponte Jersey

Crepe Stretch

3% elastane, very good stretch and recovery, substantial, crepe texture at a diagonal, excellent colours and print detail.

View all Crepe Stretch

Cotton Muslin

View all Cotton Muslin

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What is dress fabric?

Dress fabric or dress material is a general term for any kind of textile which can be used for making dresses and other kinds of apparel. When choosing dress fabric online, you will be met with a wide selection of options varying in weight, design, construction and styles. There are certain fabrics which are more suited to dressmaking, some which are better for suits and jackets, and others which are best for sportswear or trousers.

Dress fabric is always a popular choice with sewers, and these are some of the more favoured dressmaking fabrics:
  • Cotton
  • Jersey
  • Satin
  • Twill
  • Crepe
  • Silk
  • Lycra
  • Poplin
  • Lawn
  • Polycotton

How is it manufactured?

Dressmaking fabric is either knitted or woven and can be constructed from natural and animal fibres, such as cotton, silk, flax, wool or hemp; or synthetic fibres, such as nylon, polyester or acrylic.

Woven fabrics are made up of a weft (the thread going across the width of the fabric) and a warp (the thread going down the length of the loom). There are 3 types of woven fabrics: plain, twill, and satin. Knitted fabrics come as weft-knitted and warp-knitted, and can be knitted by hand or machine.

Purposes of dress fabric

Dress fabric refers to textiles which are most suitable for when it comes to clothes and dressmaking. As there are so many kinds of clothing available, there are also many types of dress material.

It is important to consider the purpose of the dress of clothing you are planning to make. Is it formal? Casual? High-end? Does it need to have any particular functions, such as resistance to water or creases? Does it need to be durable and easy to clean? Every fabric has specific purposes and these need to be researched before a project is started.


From silk dress fabric for creating stunning, luxurious silk dresses to wedding dress fabric for creating the dress of your dreams, there are many properties for dress material.
  • Cottonvery versatile, woven cotton comes in many different weights, often used for as cotton dress fabric, for shirts, skirts, trousers, jeans and accessories
  • Cotton jersey/knitknitted by machine, very popular for t-shirts and other apparel, stretchy and comfortable
  • Linenvariety of weights, easily creased, often blended with cotton, great for summer clothing
  • Silkluxurious, slippery, glossy face, woven fabric, which can be difficult to sew, used for blouses, dresses and underwear etc.
  • Polyester and polycottonsynthetic fabric or synthetic and natural blend, generally lightweight, durable and crease resistant, woven, used for all manner of apparel 

Advantages of dress fabric

You can purchase dress fabric online very easily or visit dress fabric shops. If you are unsure of what fabric is right for your project, why not order a selection of test prints or a swatch pack which will give you a better idea of the properties of each one?

The advantages of dressmaking fabric are wide and varied. You have the option of choosing the perfect fabric to suit your occasion, body type and budget. Opt for slinky and comfortable jerseys for all day, easy wear, elegant silks, and satins for a luxe and high-end feel, or even cotton dress fabric for a natural and durable finish.