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Order a 5.5 x 5.5cm (2-inch square) pack of leather swatches featuring the 100% real leather materials that we offer. Our leather swatches are a fantastic way to really take a close look at the print detailing, colour reproduction, and the clarity of our expert leather printing techniques. We print the leather name and its unique ID number onto every single swatch so that you can easily find it on our website once you have made your choice. If you buy a swatch pack, we issue you a coupon code with a great discount on your leather order*.

  • See all of our leather printing options
  • Full colour print with fine detailing/rich colours
  • 5.5 x 5.5cm/2 inch square leather swatches (pinked)
  • Option for 7cm/3" square fabric/paper samples too
  • Printed with leather name and reference number
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  • The classic swatch pack includes the man-made materials, the natural has only the naturals, and the paper only the papers. The leather fabric samples pack contains only the genuine leathers; as we offer vegan-friendly leatherette options, we wouldn't want to put them in the same packaging as the leather swatches.
  • All of the leathers that we currently offer are included in the swatch pack, and as we introduce more and more leathers they'll be added into new swatch pack versions. We try to ensure that every material is included in the packs at all times, and the date your pack was printed along with the version number will be displayed on the leather fabric samples packaging. If you have any questions about your swatch pack please contact our customer service team via chat who will be happy to assist you.
  • The leather fabric swatches are smaller for a number of reasons. Leather is a much more expensive material, which contributes to this greatly. If we were to create the leather swatches in the same size, we'd have to charge more for them. There are also limitations to the maximum sizes of each leather we use, dependant on the size of the animal. Smaller leather fabric samples are easier to create.

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Custom Leather Swatches

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Ready same day.

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