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Custom Keyrings


Custom keyrings can be printed with photos, text or your own designs to make a truly unique gift or accessory. The printed keyrings are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials.

Printed Keyrings For All Occasions 

Our collection of custom keyrings and keychains is a versatile range that lends itself perfectly to all occasions: Whether you're looking to boost your brand through a series of logo keyrings to hand out at trade shows, adding a beautiful selection of custom keyrings with your designs to your store, or even making your own keychain for personal use, there are plenty of ways to truly personalise your printed keyrings. The heart shaped keyrings are perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversaries or just gifting to friends, meanwhile a rectangular keyring can be great for fitting all your company details on, or for writing a cute and motivational message.

The World is Your Oyster

The custom keyrings are available in three shapes - round, rectangular or heart shaped - and they can be made to be completely unique. Once you've chosen your shape and style of keyring, you'll be able to choose the material finish, the stitching colour and the design. For keychains, you can even select what colour metal work you would like. 

Printed onto Nappa leather, double butt leather or even a warm leatherette, your printed keyrings are filled with a spongy padding to make them even more high quality. This also means you have the added benefit of designing both sides of your keyring - choose whether to go for an all-over print, a pattern or design each side differently. 

Keychain Or Keyring?

When you design your own keyrings, there are many options. There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to using a keyring or keychain for keys, but each has it's own set of benefits. A keychain is a simple and sleek strip of leather in a loop that can help hang your keys on a hook by the front door. On a keyring, there is more space for design, which in turn makes it a great accessory for both keys or bag handles. Whichever you choose, a cool design or colourful printed keyring or keychain is going to make looking for your keys in a mad rush before leaving the house much easier.